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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  December 5, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EST

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no accumulations that i've heard of. but once you get west, there's much more snow in the mix and a lot less rain as temperature are a little colder there. and the trend will be as the storm is offshore to drag colder air in and change things over from rain to snow. and there's a lot of moisture with this. so we do stand the chance to make some at least light accumulations around town. and we'll tell you how much light means coming up in just a minute. >> all you have to do is say the word snow and it's got many marylanders hitting the snow to get ready for what could -- hitting the stores to get ready. >> the news man said it was going to snow. so we're here preparing. >> i have a shovel. that's all we need. >> identify seen a lot of people -- i've seen a lot of people come in for rock salt and calcium. it seems a lot of the people have their shovels. >> you can follow the storm
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using the interactive radar. you can pin point weather down to your very own street. go to you will find it all on the home page. >> in north baltimore city police are investigating a shooting involving one of their own. an off-duty officer shot a suspect who was robbing a liquor store last night. >> baltimore police are praising one of their own officers in this incident for taking quick action that quite possibly saved lives. >> i heard these like four pops and it sounded to me like a pistol. the next thing you know, i see the police running up and down there. >> baltimore police say it all happened around 8:30 friday night. that's when two armed men held up the liquor store at falls road and 37th street. >> a police officer happened to be walking by. the officer took swift action saw that a gun was pointed at
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the clerk and fired a round at the suspect striking him in the upper body. >> he shot. >> that suspect was shot multiple times and take ton the hospital. the other suspect tried to get away. >> after he was shot, another guy jumped in the gutter. >> the offduty police officer called for backup and officers chased the second suspect on foot. police are playsing the offduty officer for his actions. >> perfect timing that he happened to be in the area and really thwarted a robbery and perhaps something much worse. >> police believe the pair might be responsible for two other robberies in baltimore on friday night. charges are pending against both men. >> the city police officer is recovering this morning after she was injured trying to make a drug arrest. it happened near the corner of north free mount and baltimore ave. the officer is being treated for a severely fractured or
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sprained arm. five suspects were taken into custody. police are investigating an armed robbery of a cab driver, yesterday in baltimore city. but the suspect was discovered at gvmc by the victim. the man recognized the man as the person who robbed him earlier in the day. the suspect tried to take off as the driver called police. but he was caught by hospital security and he was turned over to police. >> city police are also investigating a stabbing inside the mall just before 5:00 friday officers were called to the upper level where a man was stabbed. police have taken a man and woman into custody. no word on the condition of the victim. >> this morning we are learning more about the suspect arrested in the murder of a 17-year-old girl. 32-year-old william jones was intoxicated when he started arguing with his cousin and her wheel chair bound mother.
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both were found beaten and stabbed inside their home in the 5500 block of midwood avenue. charging documents say that 450 pound jones hit her several times with a hammer then attacked beard who because of her disabled was unable to protect her daughter and yelled at jones to stop. >> this case remains under a very active investigation. this morning mr. jones did have a bail hearing. he was held without bail. the case remains under investigation. >> deborah beard remains in critical condition. jones will appear before a judge next month. >> there are new developments this morning in the case against sheila dixon. prosecutors say they are not ready to forget about the criminal count. and the mayor's lawyers make it clear they're looking for a new
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trial. >> today we have city counsel members sheila dixon should resign in light of the verdict against her on tuesday. first, today's legal move. in a let tore the judge today state prosecutors say they will not seek to retry the mayor on count six in the indictment, the one that ended in a mistrial on tuesday, at this time. but they are keeping their options open and won't make a final decision on that question until dixon is sentenced. dixon was found guilty on tuesday of embezzling gift cards donated by a developper. count six accused her of embezzling holly trolly gift cards. also today dixon's lawyers asked for an extra ten days to file a motion for a new trial. that motion is due december 1 11 and they will have to stick to it. their request was die nid. we put two questions to stinl
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members. should the mayor resign and will it impact the city's influence and ability to acquire outside funding. all of them said they're willing to let the legal process run its course at least through her sentencing. most don't think the city will be adversely impacted though mary pat clark said if that begins to happen shezz confident dixon would step down. >> and we have continuing coverage on our website. you will find all of our stories on the trial of mayor dixon on our front page of >> still ahead, dr. kim is here. >> and get answers to your holiday and decorating dilemmas. easy simple ways to create a fabulous setting for your gifts. >> if it's raining at your place it very well will be changing over to snow at some point here this morning or
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early this afternoon. and we'll detail what's going to happen today.
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>> we take a look at our radar and we see evidence on that it's trying to snow up north at this point. rain here in baltimore but up in parts of northern carol and baltimore county some snow is mixing in or has changed over to. and we got a call from a viewer , snowing steadily for an hour now, not mixing with rain or sleet but also not accumulating on the ground. the ground is pretty warm. so we have that going for us. but as everything changes over, and this can be a long day of precipitation, the amount of snow or the rate of fall may outstrip the ground's ability to melt this stuff. so we're apt to accumulate stuff. and you see the start of that up north near the maryland line
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right now. and here's a view of i-95 south of 895 and it's wet at that particular location. it's raining. but the temperature's dropped off. at the airport we're down to 38. we're losing ground and we don't expect to warm up. we'll stay at this or fall off as we get deeper into the morning or close to the afternoon. at the inner harbor it's 40. being near the water that kind of stabilizes the temperatures a bit. they don't move around. 86% the humidity. the barometer is falling. that low pressure center getting a little closer. northeast winds gusting to 20 miles an hour. and as we get deeper into the day and that low gets more off the maryland coast the winds will become more northwesterly and that's when the cold air starts to filter in. typical high this time of year. 49, low 30. typically trace of snow is in the record books. averages out on this date. but the record snow on this
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date was 7.4 inches in 2002. and some of you might get up in the 4, 5 inch range here. although in town i don't think we'll see that. and the record high, 75. record low, 16. so we get all kinds of weather possible. take a look at some of the temperatures. columbia, fort meed have all dropped into the 30s. closer to the bay, just a little warmer as we said downtown 40, white marsh is 41. edgewood is 40. here's all the clounds overhead so no chance that any sun is going to bleed through this at all. in north carolina, that's where the low pressure center is now. it's out over the water but near the coast. and it will travel over hat rass and then out to sea. so the track of the low is kind of a nor'easter it doesn't have all power and strength but behaving much the same.
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cold air will be drawn in and that's what's going to help to generate or change us over to a snow situation. once this thing pulls away later tonight, we dry out and we're in good shape until monday when the next weather system comes in. so, rain changing to snow. one to three inch accumulation wouldn't be out of the question from the i-95 corridor to the west and northwest. if you get close tore the pennsylvania line or out into parts of frederick county and beyond, three to six inches of snow wouldn't be unusual. winds northwest, 10 to 20. temperatures fairly stable and then falling off through the 30s this afternoon. advisories. kent and cecil county then wevert covering most of northern and central maryland. and then warnings down in the virginia and west. here's the lay of the land. again from the i-95 corridor westward, that's where most of the accumulations will be on average one to three inches.
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but some closer to the pennsylvania line and out to the west. here's the forecast the next seven days. 39 the high today. temperatures fall off later this morning and this afternoon. so that rain-snow mix to all snow. tomorrow the sun breaks through. so this wet snow which will mostly be in the grass will start to melt. we have a rain chance monday and then another storm really more powerful coming in wednesday and then on friday, and both of those stand a chance to have again this wintry mix of a rain-snow situation. >> this morning's education alert. the new president is about to take the rains at the university. wilson is only the 12th president in the school's history. >> it didn't take long for word to spread across the east baltimore campus that morgan
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state had named a new president. dr. david wilson, who is currently the chancellor of university of wisconsin collegeses. he spoke with me about accepting the top job. >> thank you very much. it's absolutely exciting for me to take over the presidency at morgan state university. and i look forward to moving. >> wilson gained administrative experience at rutgers, kentucky state, auburn, tuss kegee and rat cliff. >> i think it's cool. i think it will be good as far as new ideas when it comes to our athletics. financial aid. things like that. i think maybe things will be different. >> and wilson already has some advice to his soon to be student body. >> i say to the students at morgan state university, dream, dream big, and then wake up and be ready to prepare yourself for the outstanding and
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significant contributing citizen to baltimore, state of maryland, the nation, and the world. >> wilson is getting praise from outgoing bt who is retiring after 25 years on job. richardson is also passing along some administrative advice. >> follow your passion. if your passion is indeed to develop our historically black colleges to be institutions of great reputation, then follow that passion. >> wilson starts his new job on july 1. >> and wilson will get paid $375,000 a year. no word yet on how long of a commitment he is making to morgan state. where are the hottest parties? and see what max has to say about the latest. plus dr.
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>> welcome back. how to take your holiday entertaining to a whole new level. you have some great day cor ideas. >> good morning. >> you have made some beautiful ideas here. let's start with this red theme. start with kind of a color. how do you begin to decide? >> i think any design, you have have to have a good color pallet. story board. >> story board.
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>> color pallet >> tell me what you've done here. >> mono crom atic, which is really good looking and easy to do. i wanted this to be something people could do themselves. so we reded it to debts. i think any party needs a great specialty drink. we premuddled these. when you make moheetos you muddle the ingredients in the bottom. lime, mint. so i like to get all of that out of the way. and when they do arrive, hit it with aly ice, and what time is it? a little rum at 10:00 in the morning. >> so we've got the drink. >> we've got the drink. and you have lovely candles here. >> and it's part of that story board. when i go to plan a party i decide what style of candle. and we went with plain old vote yis. these are also ten-hour
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votives. >> are you a tea light hater? >> i might be a hater under that category. >> please tell people not to have constituented candles when serving food. >> absolutely. when they're around food, you don't want to be hit in the face with a magnolia bush. absolutely. >> i also love this theme that you have over here which is so simple and elegant. the brown. it's the silver. the it's lovely. >> white parties are huge. it's a white party with a brown accent. not the standard. it's nontraditional but lovely. it's also guy friendly. this one is still very good looking but guys aren't going to be uncomfortable. deck or we're going to do a runner. floating candles have been around forever. >> i love that. >> and once the lights go down
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all the water and glass is going to be beautiful. then the only floral on the table are these little nose gays in each setting. it gives them something to play with. >> and it really is a must. it's so elegant. >> once you see them lined up it does wonders for the look. >> we want to let people know that you will be today at great gatherings. >> in annapolis. >> at 1:00 and 3:00. were we're doing these great presentations. >> hello. >> functions there's more detail there about directions and times. we're going to be serving champagne. so come talk parties. >> come have a little drink with us. >> thanks so much. >> we appreciate you coming here. and for some ideas for the weekend, we're going to our calendar.
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>> two seckeds. >> and when this dog sits down, it sits down. where does a st. bern yard sit? anywhere he wants.
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>> he didn't want to come up here. >> lisa was telling me she had three of these as she grew up. >> this is -- look at the size of the feet. >> and this is a-year-old puppy. >> what a beauty. >> a beautiful dog. and perfect for this kind of weather. >> doesn't have a little barrel. >> but if you want to buy one, this is interesting, this is a veterinarian in vermont who hand-makes those. he makes about one a month. you probably have to go google it but he will make those. >> and you can put syrup in there. >> with a little alcohol. >> ok. >> yeah. talk about the holidays. >> i want to talk about giving pets as gifts for christmas. you know, we really froun upon doing it spontaneously if it's an impulse buy. you can't give it like a piece of jewelry.
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you have to pay attention and know this animal is going to have a loved home for about 15 years. but i really think it's a great gift if you've done your preparation. if you give this dog to a puppy and you live in a fifth floor walkup and she works all day, it's a disaster. >> you have to think it through. >> you have to think it through. >> and it's like having children. they need the same kind of care. >> they do. >> and if you're on a fifth floor apartment. >> you are so right. >> let's get into a couple questions here. my chocolate lab's vet diagnosed her with pang tites. are there foods that are help her? >> this is the concept. certainly there's bland diets and certain medications that are better at controlling some of the eruptions that are caused from eating greasy food and things like that. dog food really is pretty darn
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fatty and pretty protenashese. and if your dog's pan crease is a little inflamed, anything is going to upe set it. science diet has a diet which is really good. and there aren't specific medications that i can say over the tv because there are different medications for different problems. >> each dog has its own situation. >> but you really want to control it with diet, is the most important thing to do. >> the second one here. my dog has always been one to lick people constantly. but lately he's also been licking his paw a lot. not to the point where he has worn hair away but what could be wrong here? >> it's variations on this. we do hear that a lot. and look up on line. acral. or lick granuloma. some of these dogs, they just start licking. and then a little oval sore
9:28 am
forms. and that sore becomes the creative element to licking. so there are drugs out there. i use one twice a day and it tends to disappear. >> it's licking your chapped lips. >> or biting nails. it's a psychological thing. >> thanks for joining us. you too, sherlock. we'll be back with more.
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>> and welcome back. thank you for joining us. >> baltimore is preparing for the snow. and deborah said she needs bred and milk. >> i need these things. >> that's the problem. >> i need it. >> no inside information there. >> no. i just need them. >> ok. just a coincidence. >> total. >> ok. you're off the hook. this is the first snow of the season that's coming our way, and there will be some accumulations but the upside, the ground is warm so it's going to be hard to accumulate. a lot will be in grassy areas. there will probably be some
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slippy spots. let's take a look at our radar right now and we're seeing a lot more white come into the picture now. and that's the snow replacing the rain off to the northwest of town. so more of carol county, frederick county, northern baltimore county involved now in steady snow fall. we're getting reports that it is just snow although accumulations aren't an issue as of yet but things are just getting started. the key today is the temperatures now that are near 40 degrees will be falling. so more of the areas that are currently getting rain will change over to snow. how much? coming up in just a minute. >> the state highway administration is prepared for whatever comes our way this weekend. plows will carry more than salt. officials will be testing a mixture of salt and molslasssess. not only will the mimpletur help the budget but is more
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effective on the roadways than salt alone. >> it's supposed to be helping effectiveness down to minus 6 degrees. so salt is only effective to about 20 degrees. >> officials say the new mixture does not stain vehicles and will be tested in howard and frederick county. still police are investigating a shooting involving an off-duty officer. two suspects tried to rob a liquor store in the 3700 block of falls road last night. the officer fired several shots hitting one suspected he was taken to the hospital. the second suspect fled the scene but was arrested later. police in carol county are investigating an accident that injured nearly a dozen people just before 6:00 yesterday evening. 11 people were taken to various hospitals including a child taken to hopkins children's center. the highway had to be shut down
9:33 am
for several hours. tom brokaw and his wife were involed in a three-car accident that killed a woman. it happened friday janchingf afternoon yesterday in new york city. brokaw was driving in the left labe when the driver of an suv lost control and swerved into a mail truck. that mail truck then hit the brokaws. the woman in the suv died at the scene. neither brokaw or his wife were injured. in a statement they said they were greatly saddened by the loss of life. authorities in russia have arrested the owner and manager of a night club where more than 100 people died last night after a fire broke out. more than 130 people have been injured with neerled 90 in critical condition. many of the dead were crushed trying to flee through the club's only exit. >> amanda nox's family is pledging to appeal her conviction of the et67 murder of the room mate.
9:34 am
nox and her former boyfriend were accused of killing her roommate. >> as are this weekend's new movies worth the price of admission? >> many love the cup of coffee but for people dealing with liver problems, that might not be a good idea. >> and a programming noint. howard county when executive will be our guest tomorrow. e-mail your questions to sunday questions at this is america. and this is our cheese. kraft singles. american cheese. only one nation could create it. and that nation is... america. a nation of dreamers. try harders.
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doers. try doing this with roquefort. it's made with milk. never oil like some other slices. it is the culmination of the american dream. all wrapped up in individual slices. kraft singles. the american cheese.
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[ holiday music playing ] don't let those long holiday lines bury you. grab a delicious new dunkin' donuts peppermint mocha latte and chocolate mint donut today. great flavors, great value -- just another reason the holidays run on dunkin'. try the new peppermint mocha latte and chocolate mint donut today. >> the rain change over to snow is now beginning to happen
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rapidly. we're getting reports now that it's all snow in carol county. and here it's a mix of rain and snow, big snow flakes. and tony checkeds in. you can see on our radar the white and pink areas represent the snow and it's down to the beltway right around the beltway, the north and west edges. so i guess it would be safe to say that from the beltway to the north and northwest it's either a rain-snow mix or all snow as you get higher elevations. this will be the story today as temperatures now around 40, there's our sky cam view and you can see the snow flakes. you can also see the drops on the camera. some of that is snow flakes that have turned to water but there's also snow flakes in there. 38 at the airport. inner harbor ho 40. our temperatures will be back sliding, falling.
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so what isn't snow now will become snow at least around the metropolitan area. the other side of the bay is a different situation. barometers falling. winds northeast will become more northwest. december 5 and 6 has a history since the millenium to be the first snow. and 2007, 4.7 inches of snow. 2002, a record snowfall of 7.4 inches. temperaturewise, temperatures falling off. around 40 in the city, 37 at the airport. fort meed 39. that seems to be the magic number right now with cloudy skies. the low pressure center itself is off the southeast north carolina coast. it will be moving up across hat rass and then kind of follow the path of this warm front. so it will be hugging the coast
9:39 am
of the delmarva but will be offshore. not as powerful, but it will be dragging in that colder air. and there's lots of moisture that reaches down to the gulf coast region. so that's plenty of fuel for snow accumulations. tomorrow we get under the influence of the high pressure, get some sun. that means rain possible on monday. a real combination of things. so rain is currently changing to snow. one to three inch accumulation by the time it's over. that will be kind of the average, wet snow. a lot will settle or melt as it hits the ground. some isolated areas could see a few inches more. winds northwesterly picking up 10 to 20. high temperatures, we're there now. advisories are out. kent, cecil county, for snow accumulations. westward covering most of maryland. the mountains of virginia and
9:40 am
west virginia, a warning is out for an accumulation of snow. here's what we have in this future cast. this one to three inch, lesser amounts, trace amounts or less as you move across the bay with some areas closer to maybe five or six inches of snow near the pennsylvania line, higher elevations. seven-day forecast, at a high of 38 or 39. the snow or the rain is changing to snow at this time but will end tonight about 8:00 or 9:00. the sun tomorrow will melt some of this. rain chances on monday. will be in the 40's. then wednesday a stronger storm comes in and even though the temperatures will be in the 50s eebttullly some of that could mix in with snow and the same thing could happen again on friday. >> an estimated 4 million americans have hepatitis c in this country. only a third to a half know
9:41 am
they have it. for those who know it's found by accident. and that's too bad. because that and other kinds of liver disease can be serious if left untreated. >> brenda discovered she had elevated liver enzymes eight years ago and it rapidly progressed from there. >> i was becoming very, very sick. i had my gallbladder taken out and it didn't help. and things just going from bad to worse. >> to the point where her liver failed and she ended up on the transplant list. mercy medical center doctor says brenda had nonalcoholic hepatitis. >> we think of it as a disease that exists in patients who have obesity and diabetes as their primary problem. and eventually they also develop cirrhosis. >> and a new five-year study followed patients with significant liver disease and found they did better if they
9:42 am
drank coffee. >> the people who drank three or more cups of coffee in a day had much lower risk of developing liver related complications. >> while it's too early to suggest that everyone with liver problems drink coffee, she says it's encouraging. >> we now have five years of research that says drinking coffee is better for you. >> it's been a long road for you. >> yes. but as the way i feel now, it's been worst it. >> donna -- worth it. >> and the doctor joins us now with more information. >> ok. every week there's more stuff about coffee. now coffee is good for your liver or people with liver disease. tell us what is the deal here. >> we're not 100% sure, but the studies we have suggests that people with liver disease who
9:43 am
drink lots of coffee seem to do better over the long term. so the particular article in question was actually following patients who had fairly severe liver disease as a result of hepatitis c and they followed them over five years. and they found that people who drank three or more cups of coffee a day had much lower risk of developing adverse outcomes, ie, death or cancer, from hepatitis c, than people who did not drink as much coffee. >> what if you don't have hepatitis c and you drink three cups of coffee? >> that's a good question. i don't think in the general population this has been assessed. however, research seems to suggest that people who drink more coffee overall do do better. now, when you ask me what if i drink more coffee will i do better. well, i can't tell you that because nobody has done a study where they've taken two groups
9:44 am
of people, fed one group more, one less, and then followed them over time to see which group does better. >> what's in the coffee that's making people? >> we think it is the caffeine met blites. we think that this acts as an ant ox dent in the liver. and it's the proteens that cause the development of scarring and fibrosis that leads to cirrhosis. so we think that there is some real science to this. >> so what about drinking caffeinated sodas? >> that's a good point. and that's what i keep getting from most people. unfortunately, it seems that drinking caffeinated sodas or drinking tea such as black tea, green tea, orange tea, doesn't really help. >> drink coffee. >> that's right. and i think the reason for that is not just coffee. i think it is the caffeine content of coffee that per cup you get a lot more caffeine
9:45 am
from coffee than any other source. >> thank you so much for coming in. if you have any other questions or would like a referral call 1800 md mercy. if you're thinking about a movie, max is coming up. but first here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back. time to take a look at what's new in theaters. >> we're discovering why
9:48 am
deborah will never be a good film critic. >> wonderful. but we've got to because the first movie we're looking at is everybody's fine. i can't remember that -- it's a really lame title. >> and. >> not a particularly memorable film. remember when jack nicholson started playing old man roles and it was disconcerting? >> yes. >> guess what's happening now? denearo is in the old man role. the raging bull. >> it's disturbing. so he play as widower. kind of a lonely guy and his whole family, adult kids are supposed to come for thanks giving and one by one they blow him off. so he decides, he's going to pay a surprise visit. >> never a good idea. >> to all his adult kids. and they all look like movie stars.
9:49 am
you know, it's a highly form layic movie because it goes from child to child and in each case they have a secret that they're not telling him. they don't really reveal the less savory parts of their lives because they don't really trust him. it's one of these in the end he learns all of their secrets and he learns to not be judgmental of all of them. so it is kind of wrapped up and it's kind of a christmas film so at the end they're all together for christmas. but it's not that good. you don't get any real insight into these characters. and a lot of people love seeing him in this role because he's dialed down. but that doesn't make it a great role for him because the cast is just not interesting enough. he can do the shuffling walk and the sad sack thing but i don't want to see him like that. i don't like him like that. so he needs to go back to kicking butts. two stars.
9:50 am
>> speaking of -- let's talk about brothers because there's a very handsome young man. >> it's about time they finally cast toby mcguire and jake as brothers. but toby is an excellent actor and naturally portman is in this film as well. i haven't cried this much since marley and me. and that's saying a lot. it was a great movie for me. it's directed by jim sheridan who is the guy who did my left foot. he does these really emotional films. they really resonate emotionally. and this is a film about the good brother and the bad brother. one goes to afghanistan and his plane is shot down and he's presume dead but we know he's alive. he's been captured but his family thinks he's dead. and the bad brother becomes a
9:51 am
surgot father. and then maybe a surgot husband to the character. and then when to be ebby comes home, it's about all the ramifications about that. i thought all the actors did so well. and it's a depressing movie but it's cartsdz artic in a way to get a good cry out. and there's children who are remarkable. jim brings out the best performances. >> how many stars. >> three and a half. i like that one a lot. >> great. you can read all the reviews. john has another look at your weekend forecast when we come back. - ( music playing ) - now's the time to invest.
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in lumber. in rubber. in bellies. and precious metals.
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>> all right urks what is going on? >> all morning we've been talking about rain changing to snow. >> it happened. >> yes. >> that's why you're good. >> people telling us that. i went out. it's changing over to snow. here you see, this is an hour's worth of animation, the past hour of radar. and you can see that line of snow now covering the northern half of almost all of carol county. western howard county. a big chunk of northern baltimore county. and the northwest part of harford county roughly parallel to the i-95 corridor there. and it seems to have held up just a little bit but we're getting a rain-snow mix here and we see 695, the beltway there, and you can see the snow flakes mixing with the wetness. but you don't see accumulation. here's t -- 95 at 895. i'm not sure -- i can see
9:55 am
construction. >> sandy point, that will be one of the areas that's a little longer to turn over to any kind of snow because they're near the bay. temperatures are critical here. and there's our sky cam view. a lot of drops on the camera but you can see some snow mixing with the rain there. again, we're getting a lot of snow with some rain mixed in here. as far as advisorys are concerned, a winter weather advisory in effect until 10:00 this evening in kent and cecil county. the darker blue shades, winter storm warning. that will be in effect for higher elevations where they expect more snow. how much? well, here's the accumulations we're thinking of. generally, one to three inches. some areas a little higher elevation, might get more than that. four, fie inch of snow. here's the seven-day forecast. our high temperature is right now, upper 30s to around 40.
9:56 am
temperatures fall off later this morning and afternoon. accumulations again one to three inches on average. tomorrow we get some sun, it will be around 42. so whatever we accumulate today will melt. again, the ground is warm. so a lot of it is going to be in the grass. but we can see icy spots tonight. >> we want to remind people you can follow the weather on our website. go to you will find it on the home page. >> that's all the time we have for now. thanks for joining us. >> be sure to come back tonight. we'll see you tomorrow at 5:00 a.m.
9:57 am
>> the jury that convicted mayor sheila dixon on tuesday struggled to find consensus but there was near unanimous sentiment that it was a sad day for baltimore. the city's first african american mayor had been found guilty by a jury of her peers. decided she was guilty of the misappropriation of gift cards intended for the needy. beyond the speculation how the conviction impacts the governing of the city was the feeling of disappointment and even pity. it is especially dishearting for those working hard to change the image of the city, and it is even more disappointing to know to those who know what she has accomplished in her office. ms. dixon has been committed to be proving her committee and increasing green initiatives
9:58 am
such as single stream recycling. she has worked tirelessly as a public servant to better our city. but somewhere along the way the mayor apparently forgot that a life of a public service does not allow bending the rules. the jury has found the mayor placed herself and her needs before those of her constituents. and as a result less end her legacy and reputation. and, unfortunately, lessnd the reputation and image of our city once again.
9:59 am